Getting Started Is the Hardest Part

Learning Spanish can be easy and convenient. If you have access to a computer, we can get you going! Fill out an application, choose a schedule, take a placement text (if necessary), and get assigned a teacher. From day one your teacher will put you at ease and will become not only your teacher, but your friend as well!

Your Level, Your Time Frame, Your Style

Our Spanish learning program can be adjusted to meet your needs – whether you have a few hours a week or want to have a more intensive schedule. You can work from your home or office with just a computer connected to the Internet. CALL doesn’t work on a semester system. There are no more excuses!

How About Learning in Paradise?

If you want an immersion experience, we offer a package to stay on the campus of Nazarene Seminary of the Americas (known as SENDAS) for a full cultural experience in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Programs can be set up and individualized for a couple of week or a couple of months.

When you learn Spanish with the CALL program, you can help a Costa Rican learn English. A portion of every hour of Spanish class taken through CALL will go into a fund to provide scholarships to Costa Rican pastors, leaders, and others to help them learn English. Learn more here.

Are you ready? Contact us for more information.