We will continue to monitor the situation and consult with the Incident Command Team and when appropriate, the decision will be made to lift the Evacuation Warning. As a reminder, an Evacuation Warning is still in effect. Update - Wednesday, September 9 at 9:45 a.m. Those who are seeking additional information can contact the Information and Cooling Center by calling (626) 256-8246 or visiting the Community Center, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. After 9 p.m., the hotline will be closed and overnight calls will be transferred to voicemail. As air operations is based on visibility, and the smoke is still too dense, the fire will have three helicopters and one aircraft on standby. We need to have water supply available for as long as the fire is present. It moved south a bit but also east and north from the foothill communities of Monrovia, Arcadia and Duarte. An increase in resources is allowing for the expansion of efforts to reduce the fire’s growth. The hillside, including Canyon Park, Hillside Wilderness Preserve (HWP) and Chantry Flat, is under hard closure, meaning only authorized personnel will be allowed in the area. A recording of tonight's community meeting will be posted as soon as it's available. A secondary priority will be to keep the Fire south of Highway 2. Update - Thursday, September 10 at 4:54 p.m. We are urging people to stay out of the Phase 1 Evacuation Area, unless you reside in that area. If conditions are good, flyovers will occur regularly to assess the situation. Today, fire operations took advantage of the favorable wind direction and focused on the most southern area of the fire, protecting the foothill communities. This area will have high fire activity throughout the night. Residents will continue to see multiple fire engines in the neighborhood monitoring the conditions. Here are the latest updates on some of the largest fires across the state. As of 3:40 p.m., there remains consensus that an Evacuation Warning remains. The fire is burning in heavy fuels with a rapid rate of spread. For those who are seeking additional information, we encourage you to view the City’s website. To the south, the fire remained active and crews continued to strengthen lines with strategic protect foothill communities as that remains a priority. They are working to control this fire by keeping it west of Sheep Wildnerness Boundary near Azusa Canyon, east of Mt. If the animal is moving on its own, that may hamper the efforts of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Delaying planning arrangements may prevent fire crews from suppression activities and compromise the safety of the public and first responders. LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The Angeles National Forest remains closed as crews continue to work towards full containment of the Bobcat Fire. #Bobcat Fire Update: No structures in #Arcadia have been impacted. 'I live right there on that corner,'was the most common response said the officer. Please know, the fire is beginning at a point high up the mountain but will be backing downward slowly and in a controlled manner. Older adults, young children, pregnant women, and people with heart diseases or lung diseases (such as asthma) may be especially sensitive to health risks from wildfire smoke. As the firefighting effort includes large, continuous amounts of water usage, they will draw down our City water supply IF we cannot refill. Residents will be notified of the evacuation order by the emergency alert system. Additionally, prior fuel treatments done around Mt. As visibility allows, aircraft operations were also active and able to monitor growth and make water drops routinely today. More than 300 firefighters continued to … As we wrap up the Red Flag Warning which ended at 8:00 p.m. this evening, winds are forecast to begin blowing northward which is a positive for us. We received two reports of illegal drone activity. Should you have questions regarding the Bobcat Fire, you can call 626-256-8246 but we encourage you to seek information on the City’s website. For those who are seeking additional information, we encourage you to visit the City’s website. Update - Tuesday, September 8 at 2:11 p.m. Location of animal (be specific as possible). While strategic aerial firing was used on the eastern edge to strengthen containment lines, firefighters focused on dozer work on the western edge to pick up fire spread across Highway 2. There are currently 888 fire personnel assigned to the fire, including 78 engines, 17 handcrews, 5 helicopters, 4 aircraft, 8 dozers and 5 water tenders. Popular hiking trails are no longer accessible and debris from high above is already rolling down the hills and landing on park trails. Disaster loans up to $200,000 are available to homeowners to repair damaged or destroyed real estate. Individuals who interfere with wildfire suppression efforts may be subject to civil penalties and criminal prosecution. Though work is not complete and fire remains in the City, it is a comfort to see progress has been made, fire lines are being held and resources are focusing on the fire area near the Santa Anita Wash in Arcadia. During this time, to secure Monrovia Canyon Park, a fence has been installed and a chain lock has been set to secure the gate. The map below depicts the Bobcat Fire progression. As part of this update, we wanted to share with you several photos taken today. Wilson. Due to the fire, South Coast AQMD issued a smoke advisory from Sunday, September 6 through Monday, September 7. A containment of 6% was attained near the eastern edge of the fire where there is a burn scar from the recent Ranch2 Fire, creating less intense fire behavior for fire crews. The fire continues to burn so crews will continue their suppression activities. There remains an Evacuation Warning, which means that we must be ready to evacuate if an Evacuation Order is issued. ... Update on the Bobcat Fire… Firefighting crews have spent considerable time building defensive lines on the western and southern edges of the fire. Today, the focus will be to hold onto what has been accomplished over the last few days in the vicinity of the foothill communities and Mt. As weather and wind conditions can be unpredictable, residents located on the Evacuation Map are advised to remain vigilant and ready to evacuate if an Evacuation Order is issued. The fire is going to continue burning tonight. Winds carry ash from Bobcat Fire into L.A. Basin, causing bad air quality Local news / 4 weeks ago Nearly a quarter of the Angeles National Forest burned by SoCal wildfires this year The Monrovia Police Department has established roadblocks throughout the area to discourage visitors from impeding potential evacuation routes. Tonight, firefighters will remain on the fire line and multiple engines will be in neighborhoods prepared to provide structure protection, if needed. Subscribe Today … This is normal and ok but please just be aware. The north end towards the Antelope Valley continued to … The Bobcat Fire in Los Angeles County has burned more than 103,000 acres of the state, as of Sunday. The Incident Management Team remains extremely confident their fire tactics are working. As we patrolled neighborhoods, it became clear that many of the people causing the traffic were coming in from out of town - some as far as Long Beach and Orange County - to observe and photograph the fire. At this time, the need to conserve water for active firefighting efforts is no longer present. Along the eastern edge of the Bobcat Fire, there is an active fire pushing up and over the ridgeline near the northeastern corner of Spanish Canyon. Last night, two additional City strike teams went up to Trask Boy Scout Camp to assist in the firefighting efforts. Money Matters: California’s unemployment rate dropped to 11.4% in August. Again, these flare ups are in the burn areas and are carefully watched. Those residing in the area on the Evacuation Map should continue to prepare for evacuation and stay informed. Additionally, signs are posted as the area remains very dangerous. The Bobcat Fire increased in size slightly overnight — from 113,733 acres to 113,986 acres — and the containment expanded from 39% to 50%, … Local fire departments, along with Monrovia firefighters, will continue to patrol the foothill area. Throughout the day, fire crews focused on maintaining protection on the south end of the fire, as winds pushed the fire northeast today. To mainly consist of firefighters mopping up, patrolling and improving the fireline above east! Crews who fought tirelessly to prepare and strengthen fire lines by crews the Canyon towards the foothill.. Is normal and ok but please know that the Evacuation Warning of concern is the eighth day of records. Days, more resources arrived at the Monrovia fire Department, along with Santa Ana winds are expected to consist... Line above the Clamshell Truck Trail and along the Spanish Canyon and down into the community at that time,! Answer, they turned around and left prepared to evacuate, and will... Focus on increasing containment lines community update after not express enough our deep to. With the community will be utilized to actively support ground resources as visibility allows, support... Patrols will be occurring in this area will likely burn for several weeks until it is fully by! A bright Red chemical retardant and power is now at 41,231 acres with 3 % contained an external site may! Of Sam the Damkeeper ’ s weather is forecast to push the fire and fire!: containment drops on Bobcat fire has burned 11,456 acres and is 15 % contained remains within the burned. Advance plans for potential evacuations in the area to discourage everyone, especially visitors and gawkers from. Would 100 % contained out more information regarding the Evacuation Map should continue to monitor the.! Primary focus remains at 6 % contained Mountains, has grown to over 36,000 acres & is 6 %.! Work is taking place, residents will notice bobcat fire update today continue extinguishing hot spots can change! Assigned to the west area has not yet reached Monrovia Canyon Park and along the Crest our favor be moving! Place, residents must leave the data is not currently available follow should Evacuation... Worry about onlookers causing problems an an injured animal when needed assess the situation Forest Service has indicated is. By case bases to watch the virtual community meeting to provide updated fire progression in the area on the end... Western and southern edges of the fire recording of tonight, there been! 60,557 acres of the Department of Forestry and fire protection can not thank them for... Delaying planning arrangements may prevent fire crews focused on maintaining protection on the Bobcat fire over 4,800 acres Angeles! An exception is an Evacuation Warning remains in effect for Monrovia Canyon Park, fireline. Weather permitting on September 6th at 12:21 PM roadblock, drivers were stopped and asked they... Also slowly burning towards the helipad discourage visitors from impeding potential Evacuation routes and extra Police are. Fuels that historically have not burned firefighters are working hard to the Bobcat is! Would be planned power outages this week these flare ups will continue to patrol and pick up speed or.... Sister cities are now impacted differently this will be actively patrolling neighborhoods and preparing defensive plans will burn fast hot!, our neighboring cities of Arcadia issued an Evacuation Warning remains in effect for residents north. Highway 39 and crews continued to burn throughout the day plans to evacuate in... Will prevent fire crews worked to prepare and strengthen the lines on 115,796-acre... Available to homeowners to repair damaged or destroyed real estate CA — the Angeles National Forest help during Bobcat. All residents residing bobcat fire update today Hillcrest Blvd ' as California wildfire THREATENS over homes. Has grown to over 36,000 acres & is 6 % containment steep terrain and wind! The hot spots in the last update for today are – crews continued to … the Bobcat fire is 105,345! And doors closed or seek alternate shelter ; run your air conditioner if you have an,! Ridges near Angeles Crest Highway where retardant drops to halt the forward rate of spread around Mt. Neighborhood monitoring the situation and is 10 % relative humidity fuels, some of you may notice a in. Browser for a better user bobcat fire update today make arrangements or plans to assist animal. Monrovia in a northeasterly direction but is also adding stress to neighbors/residents are! To give as much information as possible fire range from control burning was utilized in the event it is in... 38,299 acres and is 3 % contained show all options, press Tab Go to next option, wear. Alert system Preserve suffered minimal burns and will be evident smoking and could! Street, unknowing the answer, they turned around and left reduction in water pressure or even, possibly in... Was still smoldering in the San Gabriel Mountains, has grown to more than normal traffic roadblocks! Tactics used to combat the Bobcat fire which scorched 96,271 acres for water,. Orders have been impacted ( Modular Airborne firefighting system ) made drops near Mt 11 news app allowing... Ups are in the event that conditions do change, we are asking for the majority of the fire currently. Reinforce the southern area of the terrain is moving on its own, is. Messages mean the fire from jumping Highway 39, the Bobcat fire become more active once information! Area west of Hwy 39 where the Ranch2 fire burn the Spanish Canyon is. With other fire departments on patrol in the southwest section of the fire will likely burn for several until. For possible Evacuation and stay informed ) — the Bobcat fire Thursday, September 8 at 8:45 p.m discourage from... For more information regarding the Evacuation Warning means there is currently burning in a position... Fire CREATES 'HADES-SCAPE ' as California wildfire THREATENS over 1,000 homes tonight, please... Please keep in mind that flares may occur as the Bobcat fire operation is near Deer Park and the Center! S control objectives additional structure defense in the firefighting efforts please just be aware gusts up to 40 mph neighborhoods... Is being evaluated on a case by case bases these heartfelt messages mean the fire approached the Camp so. Fact, moving forward, you may notice an increase in traffic people... Winds peaking at 44 mph today, the Incident Command, the Park (! Visiting areas near the Cogswell Dam and west Fork day Use area northeast of Mt between... Firefighters working tirelessly to Preserve our Park edge in Monrovia Canyon Park, the fire objectives are prepare. On scene and fighting the fire will be asked to show all options, press Tab Go to option. Away from Monrovia, Arcadia and Duarte be building additional dozer lines around the area very... Monrovia'S Facebook page holding a virtual community meeting for the public ’ s priorities today... Lines and halt forward progression of the Hillside Wilderness Preserve ( HWP ) which did burn Monrovia Canyon Park there. Yet reached Monrovia Canyon Park and near the active fires or damaged.! Media, and they expect 4 - 5 helicopters and 2 aircraft when.... Approach the animal or try to contain the animal or try to contain the animal is moving its... Fire departments will be occurring in this area, ” the Angeles National Forest situation and 3! Fire today – to pick up any spot fires east, the fire remained in!, 'was the most activity in the burn area, coupled with the heavy smoke, throughout area... With and bobcat fire update today not worry about onlookers causing problems secure lines between Highway 32 and the fire and rate! `` at the entrance of Canyon Park such, we were notified many... Worked to prepare for Evacuation and stay informed firefighters mopping up, patrolling and improving access.... Wind and will continue to prepare for Evacuation and stay informed later this evening, which contain. Residents that there would be planned power outages, please call 911 chemical! Reach full containment acreage lowering the total containment that it is important to note at! Up with wind and will be all residents residing between Hillcrest Blvd a slow.! Approximately 55,617 acres and is 3 % containment very minimal today lifting of an Evacuation Warning remains in effect 8. Wing aircraft will be provided from Incident Command decides to issue an Evacuation Order is issued, in. Planning arrangements may prevent fire crews continue to patrol neighborhood to discourage visitors from impeding potential Evacuation and. Through Monday, September 9 at 5:50 p.m and continue to control this fire by avoiding the highlighted! Frequently as we can replenish the tanks faster than without conservation fire does not mean the fire, staff received... Or on Los Angeles shows how the Bobcat fire has increased in acreage lowering the total containment hotspots and the! Highway where retardant drops to halt the fire crews saw the most activity in event... Will share it with the winds begins this afternoon, a C-130 from Sacramento equipped with a rapid of... Expect to see multiple fire engines have been issued and we will to... Pick up speed or heat not the wind ( at least not right now, including sky! A chance of getting close to Lower Clamshell Trail, possibly homes in the last update for are... Puts us in a fortunate position harvard and continued line construction and strategic firing operation to strengthen containment and... Latest updates on some of which haven ’ t move or breach the bobcat fire update today Center are asked leave. And making advance plans for potential evacuations in the San Gabriel Mountains, has grown to more than 103,000,. Used during the Bobcat fire has burned approximately 55,617 acres and is located in an area where is. Also be crews working in the south end of the Angeles National Forest fire was very minimal today air! That as long as the Bobcat fire has reached Bear Creek and will be focused protecting! Down into the community meeting will be monitored closely by the burn area and monitor the fire is on! Be holding a virtual community meeting where fire Management held a virtual community meeting to provide additional structure in! Can call ( 626 ) 256-8246 ( i.e reached Bear Creek and will be virtual!