Rapid dimensioning: ... You can override the dimension value. Smart Dimension not Working in Assembly Layout Sketch Newcomer to Solidworks, but have seen some tutorials and have some CAD experience before. Ehab Abdelrahman CAD Instructor (AutoCAD - SolidWorks - Autodesk Inventor), Certified SolidWorks Expert,Certified SolidWorks … ... click Help > Use SOLIDWORKS Web Help. Lets you create dimensions with the Smart Dimension tool. Allows you to dimension a drawing with smart or DimXpert dimensioning. Thanks I guess this is a work around. I initially started trying to make a complex assembly driven by a sketch within a part that I intended to somehow copy onto other parts and found out that doesn't really work. Driven (reference) dimensions list a value and name, but you cannot change them. Precision WorkStation 670 2048 Megabytes Installed Memory NVIDIA Quadro FX 1400 [Display adapter] The “Smart Dimension” is another important sketch tool in SolidWorks.It helps to correct or modify the dimension for sketched part according to your idea or paper drawing. Reference Dimensions. Hello I am Samir ,I changed my hdd drive swap with samsung evo ssd,I replace my old hdd,everything is ok,but solidworks and rest of all programs was working slowly,thats why I bought solid state drive,I upgade my laptops ram and so on,I install everything included Solidworks,my smart dimension tool is not working properly. I cannot select the edges when not in dimensioning, the dinesions did come in with insert>model items ( along with a MESS of others. You can find the Smart Dimension tool at the sketch toolbar manager.It also helps to notate the dimensions of the designed part or products as per the engineering graphics rule. Hi all, I've got a situation with my Smart Dimension that's not allowing me to edit my Smart Dimensions on my part. Hi, I have developed a bug with my copy of ST4 regarding placing dimensions in a part file. I click to set my dimension and when the editor box appears that allows me to set my dimension, it's not allowing me to type in new numerical values. SW 2005 SP4 Dell Inc. SolidWorks 2017 Essential Tutorial Shorten Videos By Eng. Adding Parallel Dimensions to Drawings. Smart Dimension isn't working Whenever I try to use smart dimension it won't show dimension lines or let me select anything else afterwards. Arrow Placement: You can specify placement of arrows with respect to the dimension extension lines: Outside, Inside, Smart, Directed Leader. I recently installed SolidWorks 2018 but I'm having a problem with assigning global variables. I tried turning on/off Instant 2D but that doesn't do anything. When I dimension something, the dimension is placed, however I then cant edit it, I cant even click inside the text box to change the value of the dimension, the only way I can change it is using the scroll wheel! It just doesnt show here, only the blue dimension line is visible with no text dimension or size or unit. Hi, Im very new at SW, but as far as I can read I see that that the dimension should be shown by default once the smart dimension size is chosen or typed into the smart dimension window when doing a sketch. It will let me put in the correct distance, but it won't let go of the first selection I give it, and I can't deselect the dimension tool. Dimensions in a SOLIDWORKS drawing are associated with the model, and changes in the model are reflected in the drawing. I understand you have to double-click the dimension, and then use the 'modify dimension' dialog box to assign the variable to that dimension. Rather not have to goes thru this nasty process though. For dimensions that are not referenced, you can change the dimension name.
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