“Pura Vida” is a way of life in Costa Rica. It means pure life. It is a philosophy and an integral part of the culture. It may drive a “type A” personality a little crazy, but it is this way of approaching life that gives Costa Rica its charm. Costa Rica has something for everyone: rain forests, waterfalls, boating, fishing, zip lining, beaches, volcanoes, coffee plantations, gardens, old cities to explore, and so much more!


SENDAS is located in the center of three small cities: Guadalupe, Moravia and Coronado. There is a bus stop just outside the front gate for easy access to downtown San Jose (15-minute bus ride for less than $1).

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

There are two Pali Grocery stores in walking distance, a small fruit market and bakery nearby. Lincoln Plaza, a large mall with food court, restaurants and movie theatres, is located in Moravia, just a short bus or taxi ride away or a 30-minute walk.

The campus is located on a beautiful 15-acre campus that the locals call SENDAS Park. There is a large soccer field, plenty of space for walking or jogging, a children’s playground with picnic tables, an indoor swimming pool, volleyball net, women’s weekly water aerobics classes, and ping pong table. The CALL classrooms are comfortable and spacious for language learning. You will not find a more beautiful place to study in all of San Jose!